11 回應 to “About”

  1. LfC Says:

    三字經式 Categories,甚妙。

  2. lfc Says:

    Your blog has been submitted to Baidu.

  3. geekiam Says:

    oh! how can it be found?

  4. lfc Says:

    It takes some time before Baidu can index your blog. Mainland readers will find your posts within a month, I guess.

  5. lfc Says:

    For photos, I meant:-


    Lady E has been executed for misleading your lordship.

  6. geekiam Says:

    May Lady E rest in peace.

  7. lfc Says:

    It seems that wordpress.com is totally banned in China…

  8. lfc Says:

    You may check Google PageRank with this:-




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